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Applying for colleges was an incredibly overwhelming process for my family and me until we enlisted DesignWorlds for help!


Frona and Ted were so enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgable. I really appreciate the way they made an effort to get to know me as an individual, especially since the application process was beginning to make me feel like a 'number.'


Through a series of comprehensive and eye-opening personality tests as well as lots of open, personalized conversation they helped me recognize and articulate my talents and positive attributes so as to appear as best I could on paper, while simultaneously advising me in which university and programs would be a good fit for me.


I loved their thorough, comprehensive (but never elitist) insights about the schools I'd been considering as well as their warm, fun approach that brought some much needed comfort, perspective and levity to what would otherwise be a pretty stressful experience!


It's not easy at eighteen to have to sum yourself up into a marketable package and face potential rejection, but Frona and Ted's innovative and encouraging program instilled in me enough confidence to do just that--and end up somewhere where I'm thriving, challenged, happy-- and very grateful for their guidance!

—  Katie Lewin, UCSC 2015

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